Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Historic Agreement / Sul7a Signed

Loyal readers, I am pleased to inform you that KABOBfestWATCH and KABOBfest have formally agreed upon a "Sul7a" or peace agreement. Understandably, many of you may be shocked by this -- as KFW's sworn goal was the complete destruction of KABOBfest. Allow me to explain...

After being viciously attacked by a KABOBfest affiliate last month, I was surprised to receive a "get well" card and bouquet of lilies from uncircumcised KABOBfest founder Will -- signed by every member of KABOBfest (except NarcelX of course, because he's a big fat baby). The card read "Sorry" and had Pooh Bear on the front.

Long story short, I talked to my psychologist about the KFW episode and had a change of heart. Don't be surprised, I am human after all. I realize now that all I ever really wanted was to be appreciated by KABOBfest.

Thank you for all of your support, and please continue to read my posts on

The terms of our Sul7a are below:
KABOBfest announces a historic peace deal with KABOBfestWATCH, ending the ancient conflict that began in March, 2008.

Programmer Buydatti (PB) will become one with KABOBfest (KF) again on the following agreed upon conditions:

1. PB will re-gain his autonomy as a sovereign, contiguous blogger on KABOBfest so long as he does not violate KF etiquette (yes it does exist), nor threaten the security of KF.

2. KABOBfestWATCH will remain, and be linked to KF, as a testament to the historic tragedy of PB's "forced-exile/ fleeing" from KABOBfest.

3. PB will not be compensated for loss of public stature for his public "terrorizing of/resisting against" KF. Nor wil he have the "right" to return any of his old posts we removed due to their vulgarity.

4. PB will retain his right to mock, humiliate, and hit on KF members at will, even if to the breaking point, thus causing KF members to quit in protest.

5. PB will have shared control of parts of the holy (web)sites in KF, but the final say will belong to KF's master-administrato rs.

6. No one shall mention PB's public crying episode when he "was-forcefully- exiled/fled" from KF. Ever.

7. PB shall retain some access rights to his apartment buildings water. rooftop, hallways, and doors, but KF will possess final authority over such areas.

8. PB will be allowed to hit on any commenters and KABOB3rses he chooses.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

KABOBfest Henchman Attacks Me

Last night I was brutally attacked by a friend of Will's after refusing to take down KFW.

Though I don't know the culprit personally, I've met him before -- back when I used to write for KABOBfest. He goes by the name of Abed or "Wolf."

Upon leaving an event in the Chinatown area of the District of Columbia, I spotted "Wolf" standing outside a local adult DVD store. He instantly recognized me and began hurling racial comments my way.

Out sized, I did not answer and continued on my way. That's when the chase began.

Three blocks later I stopped to catch my breath and he pounced on me. He began to violently slap, punch, and even bite me. I screamed for help, but it was late and nobody was around to come to my aid.

The entire time I was being assaulted, he was threatening to kill me if I didn't take down KABOBfestWATCH. Here is a picture of one of my injuries -- a bite mark:

I have already filed a complaint with city police. I will continue to update our viewers as more information becomes available. Please pray for me.

UPDATE: I discovered four more scratches on my back. More evidence of the violent fanatics that comprise KABOBfest.

KABOBfest FORGES Photograph

In a post entitled, "The most underreported story in the Iran photoshop fiasco," QuiQui -- along with KABOBfest's self-hating token Jew-boy Chaim Sugarman -- try to pass the following photograph as REAL:

Unfortunately for them, KFW has uncovered the actual photo -- which doesn't feature a perverted Ahmadinejad at all! Check it out...

There you have it folks, another example of KABOBfest "Pallywood" propoganda!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

1 KABOBer Down, 14 To Go

NarcelX had a hissy fit and quit KABOBfest today. Apparently, he didn't appreciate my commentary on his post "Saudi Jarabia." But, to be fair, he also cited his inability to hold his own in debates with KABOBfest's critics for his departure. Will published a statement earlier today: Narcel X's Resignation.

Ironically, NarcelX titled his tell-all expose', "Kabobfest Down." Funny, his posts brought the site down and then he left -- which helps me fulfill my goal of bringing KABOBfest Down.

KFW 1: KF 0

BREAKING NEWS: Planes Crash into WTC

I'm in shock. I can't believe this is happening. I'll post more as information becomes available...

Oh, my bad! I thought this happened recently. At least that's what TARIK told me.

Can you believe that stupid ass actually thinks McCain's "bomb Iran" comment was made recently? Yes, KABOBfest is THAT bad.

NarcelX is a Fucking Idiot

Who's fluent in ebonics?
Ayo b wut da dilly ferilly yo cause i'm so mac-atackin like i gotta be on da real cause da 411 on dat Saudi spliff is dat dose motha truckin wahabi huggin beefcake pantyhose be breakin g to da r.o.u.n.d to build a wall smack dab between my homies in the ROCK (aka: I-raq, Sunni attack, Smack Dat, Bring Saddam Back) and da K-S-A. Are you ferSerious? Is da troof and I ain't jerkin ya. Can you wrap yo dome around dat conceptually motha fucka? Its like, dose wiggity wiggity whack wankstas be supportin all aspects of da war and shit and den all of a sudden dey all actin like its a problem for dem? SHHIIIIIT SON! DAs so l.a.m.e. Mofos betta back da fuck up befo day get smacked da fuck up. Damn I wish Tupac was alive. He'd fly to Jeddah and role on dem suckas!
Confused? So were we when we read NarcelX's recent post, "Saudi Jarabia." The idiot has absolutely no grasp of the English language. In fact, it's worse than Fayyad's -- and he's foreign!

No doubt about it, NarcelX signifies the downfall of KABOBfest. What the heck were they thinking? Recruiting gangster-wannabes to give witty political analysis... They might as well have hired DMX's crackhead ass to do the job.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

KABOBfest Doesn't Support Peace

How else do you explain (1) Fadi mocking Palestinians for negotiating with Israelis, and (2) NarcelX mocking Jews for negotiating with Persians?

Other than negotiation, the only other solution to the Mid-East's turmoil is a military one. It is, then, fair to assume that KABOBfest supports war and is anti-peace. Makes one wonder what kind of "activists" they really are...