Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Historic Agreement / Sul7a Signed

Loyal readers, I am pleased to inform you that KABOBfestWATCH and KABOBfest have formally agreed upon a "Sul7a" or peace agreement. Understandably, many of you may be shocked by this -- as KFW's sworn goal was the complete destruction of KABOBfest. Allow me to explain...

After being viciously attacked by a KABOBfest affiliate last month, I was surprised to receive a "get well" card and bouquet of lilies from uncircumcised KABOBfest founder Will -- signed by every member of KABOBfest (except NarcelX of course, because he's a big fat baby). The card read "Sorry" and had Pooh Bear on the front.

Long story short, I talked to my psychologist about the KFW episode and had a change of heart. Don't be surprised, I am human after all. I realize now that all I ever really wanted was to be appreciated by KABOBfest.

Thank you for all of your support, and please continue to read my posts on

The terms of our Sul7a are below:
KABOBfest announces a historic peace deal with KABOBfestWATCH, ending the ancient conflict that began in March, 2008.

Programmer Buydatti (PB) will become one with KABOBfest (KF) again on the following agreed upon conditions:

1. PB will re-gain his autonomy as a sovereign, contiguous blogger on KABOBfest so long as he does not violate KF etiquette (yes it does exist), nor threaten the security of KF.

2. KABOBfestWATCH will remain, and be linked to KF, as a testament to the historic tragedy of PB's "forced-exile/ fleeing" from KABOBfest.

3. PB will not be compensated for loss of public stature for his public "terrorizing of/resisting against" KF. Nor wil he have the "right" to return any of his old posts we removed due to their vulgarity.

4. PB will retain his right to mock, humiliate, and hit on KF members at will, even if to the breaking point, thus causing KF members to quit in protest.

5. PB will have shared control of parts of the holy (web)sites in KF, but the final say will belong to KF's master-administrato rs.

6. No one shall mention PB's public crying episode when he "was-forcefully- exiled/fled" from KF. Ever.

7. PB shall retain some access rights to his apartment buildings water. rooftop, hallways, and doors, but KF will possess final authority over such areas.

8. PB will be allowed to hit on any commenters and KABOB3rses he chooses.



Anonymous said...

What the fuck? Weak is an understatement.

Anonymous said...

PB = Pussy, Bitch