Wednesday, April 16, 2008

KABOBfest: Caught in a Lie

Earlier, I exposed Emily for posting vile pornography on KABOBfest and harassing me with prank phone calls. I also exposed Will for censoring Emily (though KABOBfest claims to be an "unedited forum") and allowing her to continue posting (though I was supposedly booted from the fest for a much lesser offense).

Their defense? Emily claims to have not posted the offensive photo:

1) My original picture was the girl and donkey.
2) That chicken poop picture is disgusting.
3) I put the donkey in the air image after finding said chicken poop picture this morning.
4) Retribution will be swift and merciless.

And Will claims to know nothing of the whole debacle:


I just visited KFW and saw the objectionable picture. freaking disgusting.

And I thought everyone was pissed because of the pic I saw... The one with the cute kid.

I have no idea what is going on. Emily, does PB have your sign in info?

Any clue how this happened?

I'm sorry folks. I had no clue that happened.


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Emily is passing the blame onto someone else, while Will is playing dumb. They don't even have the nerve to come clean. That's how much they respect their readers.

CAN I PROVE THEY'RE LYING? Yes. Emily's chronological order of events don't add up. She claims that the original photo was of the little girl, then the pornographic photo went up, and then she changed it to the donkey in the air picture. However, anyone who read KABOBfest last night and this morning can attest to the fact that the first photo up was the pornographic one, then it was changed to the little girl. Later this morning it was changed again -- to the donkey in the air.

Clearly Emily is lying to save her skin and continue blogging for KABOBfest.

By the way, the only two contributors to KABOBfest with administrator rights (censor/edit privileges) are Will and Quiqui. I know Quiqui didn't do it because she's a crazed out anti-American anarchist who doesn't believe in censorship... because that's a type of authority that only "the white man" wields.

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