Wednesday, April 16, 2008

KABOBfest Displays Weakness: Harasses Critics

This afternoon I received a phone call from a cellular phone number that I didn't recognize. When I picked up, all I heard was the recorded sound of a donkey yelping: Heeeeehaaaaaw Heeeeehaaaaaw....

Wait a second, my phone just rang and it happened AGAIN!

As I type, I'm being harassed by someone who apparently doesn't know how to block Caller ID. The phone number's area code is 937, Dayton Ohio. Coincidentally, Emily -- KABOBfest's token white girl -- is originally from there. Though she currently lives in Occupied Palestine, an unnamed source has informed me that she uses Vonage, which allows for her to place phone calls from overseas with local area codes.

No doubt she's harassing me because I recently exposed a KABOBfest cover up in which she, Will, and vile pornography were involved.

This, folks, is KABOBfest at its highest level of maturity. Disgraceful!
Note: I've decided to not publish the complete phone number
because I'm reporting this harassment to the proper authorities.

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