Tuesday, April 15, 2008

NSFW: KABOBfest Censors Emily, Proves Will Lies

KABOBfest brags that it's "an unedited forum for Arab-Americans and friends," but censors Emily's most recent post: "Why Inviting Someone to a Conference is An Assy Thing to Do... In Palestine"

While her post currently features the following feel-good photo, that wasn't always the case...

The original (and highly disgusting) original photo is below. As one commenter noted, "This is probably the lowest kabobfest has stooped for a post."

And KABOBfest supposedly banned me for being too graphic in my posts?
I would have never posted anything this disgraceful! If Emily isn't immediately removed from KABOBfest, then you'll know Will's story for firing me was BULLSHIT! The truth is finally revealed... Will lied and KABOBfest censors!


UPDATE: Will changed the picture once more. I think he's trying to alter history in an attempt to make me seem like a liar. I won't let that happen. Continue reading KFW for more on Will's immature, mindless head games. Here's the new picture:


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for documenting this. I was horrified when saw that post last night. Needless to say, I won't be back to Kabobfest.