Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boater Translation: "Offer, Counteroffer"

Because Fayyad refuses to comply with modern standard conventions of English grammar, I've decided to make "Boater Translations" a regular feature of KABOBfestWATCH. Below is a transcription of his latest post, "Offer, Counteroffer." Please note that it constitutes no direct or indirect endorsement of Fayyad or his opinions:

Yesterday, Hamas set its terms for a comprehensive truce with Israel. Its primary demand was that Israel ceases all acts of aggression towards the West Bank and Gaza. Israel, however, responded violently -- sending death squads to assassinate five Palestinians in the West Bank and launching bomb raids on the densely populated Gaza Strip.

Though some would believe that this missed opportunity for peace is the result of an unfortunate coincidence, that's simply not true. One need not look further back than 24 hours to witness similar scenarios repeat themselves time and time again. [Editor's note: It would have been wise of Fayyad to use examples to support this claim. He, however, isn't very wise.]

Silly Hamas, they must have gotten so swept up in the Israeli propaganda storm that they actually believed they constituted enough of a threat that they could dictate the terms of a truce. Will somebody tell the Knafeh Man that his rockets are only good enough for photo ops or to be represented by balloons?

The Shoah is not yet complete...
Interestingly, this post had no misspellings -- which is quite out of character for Fayyad. I assume that he's finally given up on his anti-spellcheck activism. No surprises there, he has a history of selling out (ahem... BDS).


Fayyad said...

I did not sell out on BDS, I just went undercover.

Besides, didn't you mean to say "quite out of character"?


Programmer Buydatti said...

Nice job trying to make me look bad Fayyad. You must have hacked into blogger and changed my words around to make it seem as if I left a typo. I'm onto you! I changed my password... ASS!

Chaim said...

SHALOM. Please leave my friend Fayyad alone he is very nice to me.