Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Somebody Smack Abou Mack...

...because he hasn't got a single funny bone in his body, but insists on telling poorly delivered jokes. Need an example? Well look no further than "What's wrong with my hand, Hillary?" -- a poorly formated post in which Mehammed "Abou" Mack lambasts Hillary Clinton for refusing to hold hands with Saudi royalty while allowing Bill to do it in her place.

The problem is, he posts a picture in which Bill is seen hiding his hands away from a Saudi:

He even tries to ride the Fadi caption wave, but fails miserably...

"OMG, the Iraq Study Group Report is SO absorbing! I have to look away..."

Is that funny? I'm not sure. Should I laugh? I don't know. All he did is describe exactly what she's doing -- but use caps lock. Har har, give me a break!

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