Sunday, May 4, 2008

NarcelX Invents New (Stupid) KABOBfest Language

Do Canadians speak Canadian? Do Americans speak American? Do Australians speak Australian? Of course they do! Hell, even EGYPTIANS speak EGYPTIAN!

Or Arabic. Whatever. Who cares. It's not like you need a brain to write for KABOBfest.

Point in case: NarcelX (AKA: Jeff "Comic Book Guy" Albertson) -- KABOBfest's resident Iraqi comic book guru.

Today he published a FASCINATING (sarcasm) review of Iron Man -- "Arabs Reviewing Movies Part 1-Iron(ic) man" -- in which he repeatedly referred to Egypt's language as EGYPTIAN!!

Wow. KABOBfest gets more credible every day. An Arab blog created to grill Arab-related news through an Arab perspective doesn't even know that Egyptians speak ARABIC and that EGYPTIAN isn't even a language.

Those fools make KFW too damn easy.


NarcelX said...

You're an outlandish idiot. May the Shay'tan visit you in your dreams for catching on to my mistakes.


Anonymous said...

kabobfestwatch is the best! down with those kaboners!

Anonymous said...

NarcelX's most recent blog post shows he is a scum bag terrorist:

"911 is still a joke"

Fuck you NarcelX.