Thursday, May 8, 2008


It appears that the school semester has ended because KABOBfest has been posting nonstop for the past couple of days. As such, I'm finding it terribly difficult to balance work & life with pointing out all the inaccuracies and falsehoods in their posts. Therefore, I'd like to recruit another KFW blogger to lessen the burden on me.
Qualifications: knowledge of Arab-related issues, superb writing & copy editing skills, and unwavering dedication to the truth. Photoshop skills a plus.
If any of this blog's loyal readers are interested in joining my revolution against the KABOBfest propaganda machine, please send a letter of interest to



Anonymous said...

recruit ally. then you can get a little some-some out of it too.

Fayyad said...

Chill out Buydatti!

It's not that bad, it's not like Nabeel started posting again.

And who's that remembring your crush on Ally on every turn, not the first time they make such comment.

Anonymous said...

well, i'm flattered by the attention on both sides. :)

Programmer Buydatti said...

You don't need the attention of those terrorist-supporting losers Ally. Stick with me and I'll provide all the "milk and honey" you'll ever need!