Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boater Translation: "'Testicular Fortitude' A Deciding Factor As Genitalia Metaphors Guide Campaign"

Below is a translation of Fayyad's latest post: "'Testicular Fortitude' A Deciding Factor As Genitalia Metaphors Guide Campaign " Please note that it constitutes no direct or indirect endorsement of Fayyad's lame jokes.

Thank something, the choice is no longer a hard one. [Editor’s Note: Fayyad is using the word “something” in place of “God” because he thinks it’s a witty way of letting you know that he’s an atheist. Also, the “choice” he’s referring to is a democratic candidate to run against John McCain for President of the United States.]

We no longer have to choose between a black man and a woman for president, even if the latter is white. [Editor’s Note: Fayyad appears to be making a joke about race-relations, although I can’t be sure.] It seems like one of the candidates is actually an old reliable [Editor’s Note: ???]: Hillary has testicular fortitude. [Those were the words of a male Indiana union leader as he endorsed the pantsuit-wearing senator from New York. I guess Pennsylvania voters were onto something. [Editor’s Note: In addition to forgetting to close his bracket, Fayyad is making a point about the PA primaries that is lost on everyone but himself.]

So if your inner misogynist was clashing with your inner racist, you can retire one until 2012. But is it really smart to play up the importance of genitalia metaphors as a deciding factor in the presidential elections when you’re running against a black man? I’m not a racist, I’m just employing a stereotype. [Editor’s Note: Har har, black guys have massive dicks. How original!]

Interestingly, there weren't a lot of misspellings in this post. Still, very little of it made sense.

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FUBAR said...

Hahaha! Long live KFW!