Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Quiqui Gets Chewed Up and Spit Right Out

In a recent interview with Riz Khan of AlJazeera's Street Talk, KABOBfest blogger Quiqui discussed the significance of the kuffiyeh fashion trend:

"In the U.S. we see the kuffiyeh and often times we equate that with terrorism. We're trying to change the meaning, though, away -- helping to try to change the meaning away from it being a terrorist item into something that's actually not. It's actually a very peaceful item. So what we're trying to do is harness a particular meaning into the fore so it can be more of an item that sparks dialogue about Palestine, about the situation in the Arab world, about U.S. intervention and our role in it, um and less of it being such a negative connotation towards a people. Especially because since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 at these anti-war rallies, at these anti-war protests, you see a lot of these scarves being sold. Its now become a symbol of just solidarity with the Arab world in general."

Not everyone, however, agrees. Malaysian Youtube video-blogger BigMel 1981 responded to the interview with the following statement:

How's that for a clever retort? BigMel burned Quiqui real good!!

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