Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Defecating on Fadi's Legacy

Fadi has caused a lot of drama with his latest post, "Desecrating Hala Maksoud's Memory" -- so much so that he jumped five whole percentage points in KFW's poll: Which KABOBer sucks the most? For a while he was neck and neck with KABOBfest's resident boater, Fayyad, but now he's only ten percentage points shy of tying Will's record of twenty-percent. To put all this in perspective: Fadi is currently hated more than Nabeel, Maytha, Hanaan, Diana, Nimr, Abou Mack, Emily, Sunbula, and Sama Adnan combined. That's a lot of hate!

As of now, Fadi's post has accumulated over 80 comments -- a KABOBfest record (I know, pitiful). Given that at least a quarter of these comments are negative, I'd like to urge all those that hate Fadi for his stance against ATFP or in support of equal rights for homosexuals to make their voices heard, and vote him the worst KABOBfest blogger EVER!

ONE MAN = ONE VOTE (unless, of course, you have Firefox and Explorer). Cast your ballots today!

*UPDATE: Since posting the above request, Fadi's percentage has actually dropped 3%, while Fayyad's has risen to surpass Will's by two whole percentage points. Given this exciting turn of events, only one conclusion can be logically deduced: Ibish fans hate immigrants more than progressive heterosexuals! Fascinating! (I still hate Fadi)


Anonymous said...

hey mr. oh-so progressive buydatti, i'm not a man, so may i please vote???

Programmer Buydatti said...
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Programmer Buydatti said...

No you may not... smarty pants.

Anonymous said...

fine then. i'm cutting off yours and clipping it on me so i can vote. you weren't using it anyway.

how can sexist boys like you insinuate that disagreeing with fadi means you are anti-gay rights? gender inclusive language matters for everyone doofus.

Anonymous said...

Dude. You are hilarious. I'm totally voting for Fadi. Keep up the good work.

Programmer Buydatti said...

Haha gender inclusive language!