Saturday, April 5, 2008

KABOBfest is Seriously the Worst Blog Ever!!

KABOBfest sucks! I'm sorry, but there's no other way to say it. I mean, it was always pretty lame, but now that they're posting less frequently and about topics no gives a hoot about, it's become atrocious. Seriously, does anyone really care about Will's "March Madness Predictions"??

And what the hell is up with those god-awful features? SIDEorders -- DAILYspecials -- DELIVEREDhot -- please! Maybe more people would take their crappy polls if they could actually read the text! Such crap! For crying out loud, learn how to format!

The site is overcrowded, the jokes are really REALLY really terrible, they haven't posted a KABOBcast since January of LAST YEAR, and maybe it's just me but it seems as if they'll take any old Israel-hating schmuck off the street to write for them. For the love of god, set some standards!

KABOBfest is a third rate, grade-A, crap-ass website... and it's only getting worse.

Take their recent KABOBpoll for example. In an attempt to be funny, they actually promote the kidnapping of little white girls. In fact, 35% of their readers condone such bull-schnitzel! Har-freaking-har, very funny. There's no doubt in my mind that these idiots should be banned from the World Wide Web, if not imprisoned.

Total lame-a-zoids. Truly disgusting. Gross even. Don't waste your time.

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