Wednesday, April 30, 2008

KABOBfest Insults Jewish Solidarity Activists

As if progressive leftist Jews don't catch enough heat from the Jewish community for supporting justice for Palestinians, KABOBfest had to slap them in the face with the "sell out" card today.

In KABOBfest's most recent poll, "Readers Respond: Sugarman is a Hot Yahoodi Stud," Will labels the blog's token Jew, Chaim Sugarman, a "Pro-Arab Sell-Out." Even worse, 17% of KABOBfest's racist readership agrees with him!

No doubt the poll has left countless Jewish solidarity activists insulted. Even Chaim Sugarman took issue with the poll:

This is a new all-time low for the fest. In addition to poisoning people's minds with their immature diatribes on the Arab world, they're now causing actual damage to the Palestinian struggle.

And the bigotry doesn't end there. Fadi, KABOBfest's self-hating Palestinian Christian blogger, follows the KABOBpoll with a post entitled "Self-Hating Jews." As far as I'm concerned, KABOBfest = anti-Semitism.

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