Saturday, March 1, 2008

Most Pathetic Blog of the Year?

Boo-hoo! At least this isn’t the “most pathetic blog” of the century -- KABOBfest! And at least I’m not the “most pathetic” blogger of eternity -- Will!

In a statement released yesterday, I exposed the real reasons for which the folks at KABOBfest barred me from continuing to contribute to their blog. Basically, Will invited me on board for the sole purpose of embarrassing me in front of a female contributor who we’re both interested in (but she’s only interested in me). After berating me with ad hominem attacks on the KABOBfest listserv, he took the feud public – which caused a lot of heartache for everyone involved.

Will verified my statement by publishing more ad hominem attacks this morning, calling me “disgraced… a laughable mockery… juvenile… wackjob… collaborator,” and “KABOB3rs.”

It’s clear that the person at fault here is William, and others agree. Why else would he be leading the poll for suckiest KABOBer? DOWN WITH THE FEST!!


Anonymous said...

Will likes girls?? That's the biggest surprise of all! I still don't believe it. He takes the KABOB stick up his backside, and enjoys it.

Anonymous said...

Are you all guys fighting over QuiQui..Fayad ,Will and You ? Wow..

Anonymous said...

you are the reason why abortion should be legal.
There is a need for getting information out there right now and instead of helping out, or taking this time your wasting, in bashing others, to actually be doing good your creating more none sense for people to read and taking away for the real fucking issues at hand. people are dying, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, relatives, friends, loved ones. They are being literally erased from this earth as we speak and this is how you choose to occupy your time? over a blog feud? what are you 12?
grow up be a man go do something that actually matters in this lifetime.
And no Im not one of the kababfest bloggers, just someone annoyed by your existence.


Programmer Buydatti said...

Abortion is legal, dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

Oh you fighting over Quiqi? she has a pinched face, ugly ass, ugly nose, small fucked up eyes.She is playing the game well with all of you. who is dating this idiot??? better off without this whore...

Will said...


Who are these "others that agree"? Your Mom and Dad?

Get a life... move on. I know your ego is bruised but you are taking this way too far.