Thursday, March 6, 2008

KABOBfest Racially Profiles Muslim (Maybe Arab)

Despite what the folks over at KABOBfest would like you to believe, even they're not above racially profiling Arabs and Muslims.

Will -- the blog's 33.3% Canadian / 33.3% foreskin / 33.3% Arab founder -- published a post entitled "Muslim Connection to NYC Explosion?" today. In it, he accuses Mohammed Hossain, "a Muslim, possibly Arab" coffee cart owner, of carrying out this morning's attack on an Armed Forces Career Center in Times Square. Without a shred of evidence, he even goes so far as to recommend that Hossain be tortured via "waterboarding in Guantanamo."

Our readers should know that after discovering this KABOBigotry, I sent my Uncle Baheej to Hossain's coffee cart to urge him to sue KABOBfest for libel. Though 3ami Baheej owns a 7-11 in NYC, he once moonlighted as lawyer in Oman. From what Baheej tells me, Hossain has a "fery bowerful case." I will publish updates as they become available.

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shfmr said...

sue the dastardos.