Friday, March 21, 2008

Fadi's Chronic Case of Liberal Guilt

Because discrimination against Jews, homosexuals, and Muslims has become commonplace in American politics, the complete demonization of white people should be just as acceptable. Sound insane? Well that's the gist of Fadi's recent diatribe, "Religion and Politics."

Interestingly, Fadi isn't a Jew, "flaming homosexual," or Muslim. He's not even brown. He's actually an upper middle-class light-skinned heterosexual Christian (yes friends, a kaffir).

So why does this suburban white heterosexual Christian support the vilification of other suburban white heterosexual Christians? I chalk it up to a chronic case of liberal guilt. PATHETIC.

What next Fadi, fair trade? Are you gonna volunteer to be some poor African-American kid's "big brother"? Maybe teach English at an inner city school? How about volunteer for three days in New Orleans? I hear "those people" don't know how to build damns. Maybe you can teach them!

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