Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Diana Mugg is a Stupid Idiot

Minnesota resident Diana Mugg has taken it upon herself to re-define the term "KABOBfest" on Urban Dictionary. Let it be known that KABOBfestWatch unequivocally rejects, denounces, and defecates upon Ms. Mugg's new definition.

In addition to not clarifying what an "o.b.l." is, she did not capitalize the "KABOB" portion of "KABOBfest" -- nor did she use a grammatically correct example-sentence to illustrate how to utilize the term in the proper context. Clearly, Ms. Mugg is an unintelligent poseur.
UPDATE: According to secret KFW sources, "o.b.l." is an incredibly unhip acronym for Osama bin Laden.

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