Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ned Flanders Reads KABOBfest

KABOBfest commentator Robin posted the following diatribe about me today. Be warned, it's rated G:
And for that THING (PB) that keeps posting here, he is the most ridiculous piece of crap looser I think I have ever read in my over two years of blog following. Not that my comment will affect him in any way, because someone like that has NO CLUE what a spectacle they make of themselves and NOT in the way they think, but in the way that they become a pile of dog poop laying there and those with good sense go out of their way not to step in it.
Well gosh, gee golly willickers! I can't believe that crazy bible thumping blogger called me a "pile of dog poop." Oh, the nerve! I'm so terribly insulted. What am I to do?

HA - I didn't know Ned Flanders was a regular reader of that crap-ass blog, KABOBfest.

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safiyyah bint world said...

Uh oh. You better watch out Buydatti.

From her profile:

"If you get on my bad side though, watch out, because I will not hesitate to speak my mind. "

Got that? Watch out!