Monday, April 14, 2008

Actually Will, Charlie Rose Wasn't Beat Up!

In "Sinan Antoon Breaks it Down on Charlie Rose," Will lies to KABOBfest's readership by claiming: "Someone beat Rose's ass before the show, it seems." He's referring to Charlie Rose's black eye and bandage.

As usual, Will is lying. A simple Google search reveals:
Charlie Rose's black eye and forehead injury are not from an interview subject fed up with Rose's incessant talking. It's actually from his valiant attempt to save his precious MacBook Air!

TechCrunch found out Rose tripped on a 59th Street pothole: "He was carrying a newly purchased MacBook Air and made a quick (but ultimately flawed) decision while falling: sacrifice the face, protect the computer." Producers said, "In doing so, he pretty much hit the pavement face first, unfortunately...The Macbook Air is fine, he showed us the blood stains on it this morning.” MORE
When will KABOBfest's lies end?

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