Friday, March 7, 2008

Illiterate Arabic-phila: May Can't Read Arabic!

Maytha, KABOBfest's resident airhead, published a brain-fart-rant about "Arabic-philia" today, in which she claims that British soap opera star Corrie Kym Rider sports an Arabic tattoo that reads "David" and "Emily."

Apparently May, a supposed Syrian blogger, isn't Arabic-literate -- because the tattoo actually reads "Dafeed" and "Ameelee." While she may argue that there is no letter "v" in Arabic and so "Dafeed" is the closest transliteration to "David" that exists, she can't say the same for "Ameelee." After all, if the tattoo artist really meant to write "Emily," he would have used a "kisra" under the "meem" instead of a "ya" following the "meem" to properly transliterate the sound that "i" makes in "Emily."

What a disgrace!! More evidence that KABOBfest is a fruad!


Emily said...

Nuh uh. The Emily tattoo begins with a hamze under the alif, correct? Imili. Not AAAAmeelee.

Anyway I also write my name with a ya after the mim because if you write it without it, it looks like 'my hope'.

Imli is the name of a fruit in urdu.

Maybe I should start writing my name as 'my hope'... as I am your only hope for correcting your heinous mistakes in naming Nancy Ajram songs and noticing the placement of hamzaat.

Programmer Buydatti said...

KABOBitch: The "hamza" doesn't make an "i" sound. The closest transliteration would be a short "a" pronounced as the glottal stop "eh." That's why the "hamza" is below the "alif" -- it's basically an "a" with a glottal stop.

Just because your grandfather's mother's third kitten's original owner's wife was Lebanese doesn't mean you know enough Arabic to correct me. SUCK IT!

Safiyyah said...

I thought hamza under was indicative of it starting off with a kasra??

Also, I think most transliterators are pretty liberal when it comes to deciding between ya/kasra. Aren't they? My original name, for instance, which is "Cherie," is spelled by most Arabs as sheen ya ra ya, but I thought it should be sheen with kasra, ra yaa because the sound is not that long.... I dunno...

I'm not claiming to speak Arabic better than you Buydatti, I'm just curious.

I think your angry ranting postings are hilarious, and since you haven't attacked me yet (that I have seen), I will keep reading. You are being much more creative now that you are angry.

Will said...


You are splitting hairs, my psycho friend -- not that there is anything wrong with being a psycho. God forbid your next post is about how I discriminate against psychos.

Well maybe I do since I banned you.

Keep up the childish games, they are amusingly pathetic.


Anonymous said...

fuck you will! fuck you!