Tuesday, June 3, 2008

KABOBfest Celebrates Token Jew

When Nimr isn't busy posting crap videos of crap music, he occupies his time token-izing Jews...

Houda Nonoo, who has been appointed as the new Bahraini ambassador to the US. Nonoo is remarkable not only for being the first woman ambassador from the kingdom to the US, but because she hails from the country's small Jewish community. Most of the Jewish Bahrainis trace their ancestry to either Iraq or India, but have been in Bahrain for generations. Once again, with all the problems with the Gulf region, this is yet another sign of movement in a positive direction.
Then again, what would you expect from a blog that exploits its lone Jewish contributor, Chaim Sugarman, at every possible opportunity? I suppose Bahrain is super progressive now, right Nimr? For a political pundit, you sure have a hard time recognizing when a regime is WAGGING THE DOG!

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